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Our Joint Honours degree programme allows you to combine the study of Geography and History. Geography and History are two complementary subjects that can be studied alongside each other at degree level. You can engage critically with both subject areas and consider the connections between them. If you want to understand the past to prepare for your future in a changing world, studying History is the way forward. Geography combines a sound academic training with an insight into practical, social, economic and environmental issues. You refine perspectives and develop skills in a degree programme that encourages the use of imagination and observation to resolve real problems affecting people and environments. Geography addresses the key issues of today and tomorrow, such as climate change, water and ecosystem pollution, energy security, global economic problems, population pressure and a rapidly urbanising world. All of these factors have an impact on our daily lives, making this a rewarding and fulfilling subject to study.

As a History and Geography student you will have an excellent opportunity to develop skills that are attractive to employers, including: Strong communication skills; A deep understanding of the past; The ability to research, analyse and interpret complex information; Leadership and teamwork; Handling complex information; The ability to form concise and articulate arguments; Managing your time and prioritising your workload. These are key skills that will enable you to pursue either further study in History or Geography disciplines or move into employment in a wide range of other careers. Our graduates have gone on to careers in: Accountancy; Charity work; Housing; Human Resources; International Development etc.

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LENGTH12 Lessons
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Introduction to JavaScript 45 minutes

Javascript 50 minutes

JavaScript Language Basics 50 minutes

JavaScript in the Browser: DOM Manipulation and Events 40 minutes

How JavaScript Works Behind the Scenes 40 minutes

AJAX Part 1: XHR and Fetch 50 minutes

Project 1: Town Theme 45 minutes

Project 2: Game Character Music 50 minutes

Project Front End 60 minutes

Project: Building A Startup Site 50 minutes



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