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This course concentrates on the scientific principles that underpin modern chemical and biochemical engineering. The aim is to produce graduates that meet the needs of today’s process industries by providing a thorough understanding of the subject, technical competence, and transferable skills. The underlying theory is complemented by a series of lectures and projects that teach process design and chemical product design. We have strong links with industry. The course is supported by a consortium of 10 industrial companies which provide input on content and assist with teaching. These links also mean that there are opportunities for vacation placements with some of the world’s top companies. Our Department enjoys a reputation for excellence in its teaching and research, regularly topping national league tables. The Department will be moving to a new purpose-built building in 2016 that has been designed with an emphasis on the importance of high quality teaching facilities. Within chemical engineering there are many well-paid career opportunities. You might work as a field engineer, be part of a research team, or become a senior manager within industry. Chemical engineers can also easily secure jobs outside the discipline because of their broad range of skills. About 50 per cent of our graduates go into the chemical, process and food industries; 20 per cent go into finance and management; and 15 per cent go into further education and research.

Ms. Melisa A. Miller has been Executive Vice President and President of Card Services at Alliance Data Systems Corporation September 2011. Ms. Miller leads one of the premier loyalty marketing and credit solutions businesses in the U.S., building sales and loyalty
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LENGTH12 Lessons
SUBJECTEducation & Teacher Training

Table of Contents


Course Overview 45 minutes

The Advanced Web Developer Bootcamp 45 minutes

Chord Magic Copy 45 minutes

Identity Access Management (IAM) 50 minutes

Introduction to FL Studio 50 minutes

Market Research 45 minutes

Notating time on a Musical Staff 40 minutes

Pitch Notation on the Staff 50 minutes

Prerequisites that you need to know 40 minutes

Required Software Installation 45 minutes

Score Symbols and Conventions 50 minutes

The attributes of a Melody 40 minutes