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This programme gives you a solid grounding in the underlying physical and mathematical principles of the subject, along with a thorough overview of electronic technology and its applications. Technological systems invented, designed and managed by Electronic and Electrical engineers have a huge influence on our daily lives, our environment and our social interaction. If you’ve enjoyed maths and physical sciences at school, studying at Unidash will give you an exciting chance to learn about all levels of design, from transistors, transmission media and electromagnetic devices, to the organisation and control of large-scale systems such as computers, communications networks and energy generation, and distribution infrastructure. Electronic, Electrical and Systems Engineers are involved in the design and development of technology that has become essential to all areas of the modern world; from satellites and mobile ‘phones keeping our telecommunications networks connected day and night, to computers and digital networks storing and releasing, as required, the billions of bits of data that stream around the globe.

Career destinations of recent graduates include: Engineering Officer (RAF); Graduate Engineer (Network Rail); Digital Media Assistant (Road Safety Analysis); Graduate Electrical Construction (National Grid); Design Engineer (IDX co. Ltd); Systems Designer (Amor Group); Graduate Test Engineer (Goodrich); Advanced Product Creation Engineer (Jaguar Landrover); Production Manager (Powelectrics Ltd). Preparing for your career is one of the first things you need to think about when you start university. There is a great demand for trained engineers, and armed with a good degree from a world-renowned university like Unidash, our graduates have the opportunity to get involved in all sorts of exciting projects close to home or further away. Our accredited degree programmes provide an excellent preparation for rewarding professional careers in the electronics, computing, telecommunications and energy industries. But the skills you’ll gain, such as technical engineering, applied science and mathematical, computing, teamworking, and project and management skills, also open up career opportunities in the fields of financial services and consultancy.

Stephen William Hawking is an English theoretical physicist, cosmologist, author, and director of research at the Centre for Theoretical Cosmology at the University of Cambridge
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LENGTH12 Lessons
SUBJECTEducation & Teacher Training

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Building Social Network : Basics 30 minutes

Building Social Network : Friends Page 40 minutes

Building Social Network : Signing Up and In 60 minutes

Building Social Network : User Profile 120 minutes

Building Social Network: Chat Messenger 30 minutes

Building Social Network: Chat Messenger 2 30 minutes

Building Social Network: Homepage 30 minutes